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What is the monthly income of Manoj Dey :-

You must have heard about your Manoj Dey Youtuber and you must have also seen Manoj Dey's video in youtube. So do you know who Manoj Dey is? Where is Manoj Dey from? What is Manoj Dey's Monthly Income? How many youtube channels does Manoj Dey have? What is the age of Manoj Dey? Who is Manoj Dey's family? And how is the biography of Manoj Dey. If you do not know all this, then today you are going to get the answer of all these questions. So let's start.

Who is in the family of Manoj Dey :-

Manoj Dey's family includes his mother, father and a brother named Raju. Manoj Dey relationship status is single and he is unmarried. Manoj Dey's father was a mechanic and his financial condition was bad from the beginning. Manoj Dey was worried about his career so he never left any stone unturned or left any chance to learn or grow in life.

How Manoj Dey started Youtube :-

When Manoj Dey was in 12th class, Manoj Dey saw Dharmendra Kumar's video in My Small Support channel which inspired and encouraged him to make YouTube videos. First Manoj Dey created YouTube channel after that where he used to upload cover songs.But he left the job due to lack of internet. Later, when Jio came in the market, it started getting free internet and from there the success story of Manoj Dey starts. Then Manoj Dey decided to upload videos like tips, tricks and unboxing. Manoj Dey's first video on YouTube was "J5 & J7 (2015) Nougat Update Related News" without any editing. Manoj Dey's first video was uploaded on Manoj Dey YouTube channel named "Manoj Dey" which was started on 24 November 2016. At that time around 5000 views had come in that BDO and Manoj Dey was very happy to see this.

What is the net worth of Manoj Dey :-

Talking about the total earnings of Manoj Dey, till August 2022, Manoj Dey's three youtube channels and sponsored have become about $ 950000, if you see it in Indian rupees, then it is about Rs 8837396, this is Manoj Dey's entire lifetime income.

What is the monthly income of Manoj Dey :-

Talking about Manoj Dey's monthly income, Manoj Dey monthly is around 4700$-6450$. If you see it in Indian rupees, it ranges from 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs. That is, Manoj Dey earns lakhs of rupees every month.

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